Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Surface project - part 1

Just finish ielts speaking test this afternoon, not good. Anyway, last week I started my finial semester project, which is to build an interactive board for the indigenous community using Microsoft Surface 2. There is a new Surface device in the lab and the supervisors want to know the capability of the device, the new technology, the programming interface, what can be done and what is the limitation.

After google a lot about the the hardware specification I found out the difference for surface compares to other touch enabled device. It is big, the model, a 40 inch device is made by Samsung. It supports more than 50 multi-touch points. It is meant to be played by multiple persons. A special vision system, it recognizes tagged object, which means you can attach a tag on anything and put it on the surface screen and the screen is able to pass the value to your software.

The first impression of the device is that the touch point is not very accurate. It is hard to type in the right password, so I used an external keyboard and mouse instead. There is only one pre-installed surface application, Microsoft Bing.  The user experience of the application is not good enough, especially when moving things around the screen, the lag is too obvious to forget. Also the screen material is some kind of preventing the movement of fingers, a big piece of anti-finger screen  protector maybe a good choice.

In the next part, I'll talk about some findings on SDK samples.

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