Saturday, 17 March 2012

Surface project - part 10 (demo - mobile device interaction)

User case:

A mobile device explorer, user can explore and download images, which are stored on mobile device, through Surface screen. A case study is here, the conclusion is to use wifi instead of using bluetooth to establish the communication.


This application is consisted with a master application on Surface and a slave application on my android device. The slave application is built using adobe air (Flex mobile project), so that it can be installed on android, ios, blackberry os and many other mobile systems

The application is using basic socket technology, the protocol for encode and decode data is self-made.

User can explore the file in mobile device through a custom file browser

When a file type is available to download, a download button will display beside the file

When a file is downloading, a progressbar will be displayed on the bottom of the browser

The downloaded file will be displayed in a scatter view

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