Saturday, 17 March 2012

Surface project - part 8 (demo - Media tag browser)

This demo application demonstrate how to use drag drop in Surface application to assign metadata for different media file. The tutorial for drag drop programming can be found here. The post related to metadata is here.

I build a custom file browser to achieve this user case.

When you browse to image file folder, the tag information, which stored in image metadata will display besides each image.

User can drag the predefined onto the file panel.

User can change the main tag(red color) for each image file by clicking the tag they want to set, and the appearance of the pushpin would changed based on the setting.

When user start drag an image on to the map, there will be an suggestion line, which connects the touch point and the start point

Now the pushpin on the map will have different appearance based on the main tag value.

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