Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Surface project - part 6 (demo application - map with custom media pushpin)

Just like what I said in last post that I need to implement a functionality for user to pin the video elements onto the map by themselves. With the help of DirectShow in .net, I am able to capture the video and save it local file system. Based on the WPF Bing Control, It is quite easy to build the required functionality. Bellowing is the captured screen on my laptop.

You can select the video file through file browser or you can record the video through the web camera.

First scenario, there is already a pre-made video file, you want to pin it onto the map.

Select the video from file system

The video file will be added into the video bar, and you can select the video and pin it onto the map

Long press a point on the map will add the pushpin.

Now, when you touch the pushpin, the video element will start at the right bottom of the pin

Second scenario, there is no pre-made video file, and you want to make one by yourself.

Click "Show Video Recorder" will display a panel similar to the previous post

After making the video, the video file will appear in the video bar as well, so that you can select it and pin it onto the map.

In next post, I am going to talk about some limitations(maybe challenges for developers) in Microsoft Surface.

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