Sunday, 1 April 2012

Surface project - part 18 (Major Demo - Rich Media Map - The Demo - Part 1)

Ok, finally, I have accomplished the major demo application. And fulfil all the functionalities and user interface requirements. As the features of the application are rich, thus I have to separate this post into several parts.

  • Introduction
  • Import Media
  • Create Media
  • Edit Media
  • Layout Mode
  • Tagging System
  • Searching System
  • Deleting Mode


When users open the application, they will find a map with Groote Island at the centre. There is a operation bar near the bottom area.

Each button are the operation bar has its meaning. For left to right, the first button is to clear the screen, when users open too many push pin then they can close all the push pin panel instead of doing it one by one.

The second button is to save the push pins into a XML file, which persists all the information I need to recreate all the push pin when the application runs again.

The third button is to go to deleting mode, which disable all the other operation and allow users to remove push pin from the map ( we will see this action in later stage)

The 4 buttons besides the deleting mode button is for searching purpose. user can search push pin based on 4 predefined tags, which can be assigned to individual push pin (we will see this action in later stage)

User can long press any point on the map to put a pus pin onto the map.

After putting a new push pin, user can click the push pin, and the push pin panel will be displayed. For a push pin contains no media, the only visible part is the push pin operation bar. For detailed description for the push pin operation bar, I will do it from next post.

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