Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Surface project - part 22(Rich Media Map - Enhancement)

After showing my major demo application to the supervisors, they want more functionalities and more concise user interface. Thus I need to make a lot of enhancement on the existing one.

  1. Automatically save push pin, so user does not need to click save button.
  2. Automatically save drawing, text, when user tab out.
  3. Remove Main tag functionality.
  4. Add author information on each pin.
  5. Allow user to select push pin color.
  6. Remove scroll ability on text element. So the entire length document will shown in each text element
  7. Move "add drawing", "add video recorder", "add text", "import file" into a pop up panel, so there will be more space on the operation panel.
  8. Move "edit", "delete" button into an individual operation panel on each element.
  9. Move "rearrange" button onto the operation panel of each element.
  10. Fix any collapsible bugs.

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