Sunday, 1 April 2012

Surface project - part 19 (Major Demo - Rich Media Map - The Demo - Part 2)

  • Introduction
  • Import Media
  • Create Media
  • Edit Media
  • Layout Mode
  • Tagging System
  • Searching System
  • Deleting Mode

  • Import Media

    For user who plays with the interactive map, he would need to import some media through the local file system. The button, which arounded with a red border shows below, will let user import file through integrated file browser.

    The integrated file browser support several features. It can let user preview image, recognise video extension as well as text file.

    Let's see the effect of image preview.

    User can select any supported image file from the file browser, and the browser will automatically import the media into the push pin.

    With the same procedure, user can import video media.

    With the same procedure, user can import text media.

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