Sunday, 1 April 2012

Surface project - part 21(Major Demo - Rich Media Map - The Demo - Part 4)

  • Introduction
  • Import Media
  • Create Media
  • Edit Media
  • Layout Mode
  • Tagging System
  • Searching System
  • Deleting Mode

Layout Mode

This application also allows user to remove any media from the push pin, and rearrange the media index as well.

When user go into the layout mode, the appearance of the operation bar will be changed

User can start the rearrange action by put two fingers on the element, which they want to drag.

In the layout mode, a deleting mark will appears on the top right corner in every media element.

Tagging System

Tagging system is fully integrated with search system, so that user can search the push pin after they assign one or more tags onto individual push pin. user can click the button indicated below to open the integrated tag browser.

In the tag mode, user can select one main tag and 5 predefined tags.

After changing the main tag, the appearance of the push pin will be changed correspondingly.

Searching System

With the help of tagging system, the application become searching enabled.

Deleting Mode

The last feature of this application is the deleting mode.

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